Welcome to Woodcrest

Founded in 1991, Woodcrest Neighborhood Civic Association (WNCA) represents nearly 1,100 households in Houston, Texas. WNCA membership consists of property owners, renting residents, and business owners who live and operate in the Woodcrest Houston neighborhood, which was established in 1910.

WNCA strives to create and maintain a safe and livable neighborhood by:

  1. Being aware of and taking action on detrimental or dangerous activities (criminal, environmental, etc).
  2. Communicating and advocating for the Woodcrest neighborhood with the proper government agency, department or organization to guarantee representation to secure necessary services and benefits.
  3. Being a reliable resource for civic information.
  4. Encouraging connections and cooperation among property owners, renting residents, and business owners.

WNCA was founded in 1991 as a state-chartered nonprofit association representing the residents of Woodcrest. The original neighborhood of Woodcrest was founded in 1910, and now consists Woodcrest Annex, Adam Clay 2, and Hopper, along with portions of the Conklin and Cottage Grove subdivisions. The official boundaries of the Woodcrest neighborhood today are as follows:

From Allen Street, the railroad tracks and I-10 on the north to Washington Avenue on the south;
from Washington Avenue/Westcott Street on the west to T.C. Jester Street on the east.

WNCA is one of the ten constituent neighborhood groups represented by the Super Neighborhood 22 Council (www.SN22.org), which was established in 2000. Woodcrest is currently represented by Houston City Council Member Abbie Kamin, District C. Other City Council Members that represent our neighborhood’s interests are Sallie Alcorn, At-Large Position 5; Letitia Plummer, At-Large Position 4; Michael Kubosh, At-Large Position 3; David W. Robinson, At-Large Position 2; and Mike Knox, At-Large Position 1. At the county level, Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle, Precinct 4 is our representative. At the state level, our neighborhood is represented by Texas State Senator John Whitmire, District 15; and Texas State Representative Ann Johnson, District 134.

The 2020-2021 WNCA board consists of:

To join the board, become a member, and have voting rights on key neighborhood decisions, you must live and/or own property within the official boundaries of Woodcrest.

Mark your calendar! In 2021, General Meetings and Steering Committee Meetings convene via Zoom on alternate months on the 2nd Thursday @ 8-9 PM:

2021 Steering Committee Meetings
Jan 14 – Mar 11 – May 13 – Jul 8 – Sep 9 – Nov 11

2021 General Meetings
Feb 11 – Apr 8 – Jun 10 – Aug 12 – Oct 14 – Dec 9

The Woodcrest Neighborhood Civic Association is a proud founder of the Washington-on-Westcott (W.O.W.) Roundabout Initiative, a public-private partnership with the City of Houston. The W.O.W. Roundabout is now managed and maintained by the City of Houston.