Centerpoint Utilities Plans in April 2023

Why are utility trucks in our neighborhood? Here’s an update from our Council Office!

Last month, a request was sent to the Office of Council Member Abbie Kamin for updates on Storm Water Action Team (SWAT) Project and to explain the recent activities of Centerpoint Utilities in our Woodcrest neighborhood.

Kamin’s Chief of Staff Kate Dentler responded with two detailed maps that indicate which poles are being relocated (click here to view and download). She shared that the work is expected to begin next week and to be completed by the end of April. Residents are supposed to receive advance notice of any expected outages.

To recap our previous communications about the SWAT Project: In 2021, after years of outreach by local residents and representatives of the Woodcrest Neighborhood Civic Association (WNCA) to City Council District C staff and local media, the SWAT Project was created by the City of Houston to explore and address prevalent neighborhood flooding problems.

How can residents support the Woodcrest SWAT Project and help mitigate the impact of regular flooding in Woodcrest? Find out by reading our previous article HERE.